As we believe , in the ascending evolution man is only a transitional being living in a mental consciousness but with the possibility and capability of living a life perfectly harmonious , good and beautiful, happy and fully conscious .
          Therefore our vision is self transformation in that direction and will express the true and pure love inner self, infallible knowledge mind invincible power and strength vital and perfect beauty and harmony body spontaneously by self realization.

          Here in swayam, we aim at self discovery, where a child become aware of and open up to the ranges of their inner and inner most beings.When children become aware of the inner strength and the joy that radiated from within, and go on to integrate it in their thoughts, feelings and actions,their life become more meaningful, more fulfilled.

1.Self Transformation
A. A total perfection.
B. Being the next one in evolution process.
2.Self realisation
A. Infalliable knowledge of mind .
B. True and pure love of inner self.
C. Invincible power and strength of vital.
C. Perfect beauty and harmony of body.
3.Self discovery A. To increase perfectibility to the utmost .
B. True aim of life(what we are, why we are here).
C. All the living movements of the being their motives, their impulse, their potentialities.
D. Getting a living vision and perception of how things are happening in oneself.
E. Widening, deepening, heightening all five aspect(physical, mental, vital, psychic and spiritual).
F. All the action and reaction of the being .
G. To know inner possibility and strength.
H. Being a living mastery over the inner universe .
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