The underlying principle of Integral education is an attempt to guide learner to develop all the parts of the outer being- the mental, vital and physical as the instruments for the expression of the inner psychic and spiritual presence; thereby discovering for themselves their true aim of life.
01. Control and discipline of the functioning of the body.
02. An integral methodical and harmonious development of all parts of the body.
03. Correction of any defects or deformities.
01. Developing beauty and harmony in the posture, positions, movements of the body.
02. Co ordination of all the parts.
03. Developing flexibility, agility, grace and balance.
04. Developing strength and stamina.
05. Prevention of and resistance of disease.
06. Endurance, harmony and beauty.
01. Exercise
02. Gymnastic
03. Athletics
04. Swimming
05. Sports
06. Periodic medical check ups
07. Research on medical plants
08. Food and diet
09. Rest and sleep
10. Hygiene
11. Disciplined physical habit.
01. The power of concentration
02. Capacities of expansion, widening, complexity, richness
03. Organisation of thought
04. Thought control
05. Mental silence, calm and receptivity to.
01. Observation
02. Analysis and synthesis
03. Compression and discrimination
04. Imagination
05. Reasoning
06. Concentration
07. Creativity
08. Expression
3.How/ work
01. Life related project
02. Nature study
03. Information processing
04. Research
05. Situation to think
06. Understanding self and life
07. Environment study
08. Social life(culture, governance, tourism, numeracy, invention, discoveries, philosophy, psychology, literature and great personality)
01. Perfection of sense
02. Transformation of character
01. Development and proper use of sense organs.
02. Progressive awareness and control of the character
03. Detailed and discerning observation of the character
3.How/ work
01. Regular use of vision, hearing, taste, smell and touch
02. Using energy in different field of interest
03. Conscious of the various movement in oneself
04. Be aware of what one does and why one does.
05. Observe and note the reaction and impulses and their causes.
06. To become a discerning witness of all desire, movement of violence and passion.
01. Self discovery
02. Perfection
01. To know the true aim of life (what we are, why we are here, what we have to do)
02. Complete surrender
3.How/ work
01. Regular tome for self analysis
02. Maintain daily diaries
03. Doing evaluation of self
04. Resolving interpersonal conflicts
05. Questioning own perception
06. Working on own thought, action, feelings
07. Gratitude for all and positive attitude
01. Give up all personal seeking for comfort, satisfaction, enjoyment or happiness
02. Be a burning five for progress
03. Won’t do anything for the sake of pleasure
04. Always remember your goal
05. Never be excited , nervous or agitated
06. Be perfectly calm in all situations.
07. Never take physical happenings at their face value.
08. Don’t complain, it you can change, then change it
09. Offer food
10. Offer sleep to be restful and calm
True progress is an ever expanding movements towards a total revolution of our entire being and consciousness so as to transcend and transform all the limitation to which man as an evolutionary being is at present subject. And this can only be done by a constant living contact with mans inner self. If we accept the view of progress; We can’t set a standard of progress which is uniform for all We should consider each individual as special having his own unique rhythms and modes of progress.
Free progress:
It is called free because
There are no fixed learning outcomes beforehand.
There is no imposition or moral pressure.
Each individual is free to find out for him/herself how far to walk on this path, where to make a stop, how switly to proceed.
Respect and trust are key components; nothing is enforced.
Education is so organised as to: give to each one the possibility of discovering his own line of development in accordance with his inner truth of being: for the one thing that needs to be done asidiously is, to encourage the children to know themselves and to choose their own destiny.
Create possibilities for the learner to progress at his own development.
It is not pre fabricated.
It is not imposed on any individual.
It is guided not from without, but by one self, by one’s inner self.
It is guided by innerself and not subjected to habits, conventions and preconceive ideas.
The necessity of free progress in education lies in the perception that man is an evolutionary being and education fulfills itself when through it man consciously seeks to collaborate with evolving nature in order to esceed himself, to break the limitations of the past and to open himself to new future possibilities.
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