Swayam is a research centre for free progress education, where children are completely free to direct their own learning. It is a place of an unending education and experimentation for children aged between 5 and 20.
         Swayam is an integral part of MATRUPUJA PATHACHAKRA TRUST. On 5th December 1983. It started as a study circle and later from July 1984 sriaurobindo integral education centre started working as one of its wing., which serves as a field for new experiments and research in education.
After a long period of 32 years of experimentation the concept of being free from all social barrier and limitation guided us to leave all government affiliation as school and to follow inner self to be really educated and a complete human being. Swayam came into existence.
         It is a learning community where we all learn together , live together , help each other to discover ourselves as well as to know the world around us and feel the joy of learning.

         Swayam is the right place for you if :
You made “progress” the goal of your life.
You want to prepare yourself for the advent of the new species of the future in evolution.
Your aim is perfection.
You are looking for integral development of your child.
You and your child is not satisfied with mainstream education.
You want to focus and develop the best in your child.
You are looking for child-driven open learning.
You want something new, something completely different from so-called life.

         Swayam is a dreamland for them, who thinks there should be a place in this world where the learner (children and adult) can make their own learning and believes that:
Learning should be a process for self-discovery and self transformation. Children themselves can decide what to do, how to do, when to do, how much to do, and with whom to do.
Child has all the possibilities inside. We are just a co-ordinator to avail them an atmosphere to bring out those possibilities.
Learning happens because the children want to learn from their life- for their life.
Children should learn from their interest because, trying to make learning interesting is completely waste of time, intelligence and work/labour.
Children can access themselves on regular basis, so there should not be any outer interference like examination, text etc.
Putting a price tag of mark and certificate does not make any sense to earn livelihood or to a complete man.
Children should learn from their own love for learning and to getjoy from knowing but not for shake of marks, grades, job or money.
Giving priority to child’s interest doesn’t mean that she/he is uneducated and inefficient.
There should not be any fix text book, curriculum or teaching as the child know what, how, when of learning.
The child can learn on their own, with each other and from various resources etc. Elders are guide them where they need.
The child can learn and guide each other , so there is no need to separate them based on age, talent in classes.
Learning is all about increasing the perfectibility to its utmost.
This vast universe is the learning space when the child discern the independent learner in himself/herself.

         Swayam is not a manufacturing unit to make any product in a common frame as per order to satisfy others. It just like a workshop , where a new process invented each time as per the need and the journey continues…….
         Swayam is the start of a long journey within continuing throughout life. Each individual is free to find out for himself/herself how to go, how far to walk on this path, with whom to go, where to make a stop, how swiftly to proceed……….

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