We welcome only those aspirants (includes learner, guide, parents, researcher and all others) who:
Want to learn, to know, to understand the world, and for the sake of the joy that it gives us.
Asipire for a higher and greater life.
Thirst for knowledge and perfection.
Look forward eagerly to the future that will be more totally true
Learn for the sake of learning and knowing
Study in order to know the secrets of nature of life.
Want to educate in order to grow in consciousness.
Want to discipline oneself in order to become master of oneself, to overcome one’s weakness, in capacities and ignorance.
Want to prepare oneself to advance in life towards a goal that is nobler and vaster, more generous and more true.
Have the will no more to belong to ordinary humanity, no more to merely evolved animals; if your will is to become men of the new race of evaluation, living a new and higher life upon a new earth.
Want to listen that there is another and truer way of living.
Want to learn, not those who want to push themselves forward.
Put progress before success life.
Ready for a new adventure.
Want a new life.
Ready for a higher realisation
Want that the world should change and no longer be what it has been for so long.
Made ‘progress’ the goal of their life.
Want to prepare themselves for the advent of a new species in evolution process.
To enrich existing faculties and acquire new ones but not for passing examination or obtaining certificate.
1. Why do you want to join here?(reason and purpose)
2. What you expect from swayam?
3. Does your expectation match with our aim?
4. How you will involve?
5. What specifically you will do?
     A.For yourself.
     B.r the children.
     C.For the campus.
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